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11 May 2011 @ 09:27 pm

Caught on Kijiji

Man tried to sell computer stolen from school

COUNTY - Getting caught trying to sell a computer stolen during a school break-in over the internet landed a Chester Basin man in court April 27.

Twenty-one-year-old Dustin Craig Collicutt pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing stolen property and received a conditional discharge. He must spend a year on probation taking counselling as directed and doing 40 hours of community service.

Crown attorney Susan Bour told the court a computer was stolen from the Lunenburg Academy during a break-in on January 30.

On February 12, a man contacted the RCMP after he arranged to meet someone who was trying to sell a laptop on Kijiji.

When they turned on the computer, the would-be buyer, who is a teacher, recognized school board software and asked if the laptop was stolen. Mr. Collicutt didn't confirm or deny it, but just said he was trying to sell it.

Mounties tracked the internet posting and arrested Mr. Collicutt. They seized the laptop at his home.

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"Causing a disturbance" is a pretty bullshit charge. Who knew complaining about food was illegal?

Didn't like dinner

Causing a commotion at a local pub by loudly swearing over food he didn’t like will cost a Chelsea man $300. Douglas Ronald Charles Zinck, 43, pleaded guilty to charges of causing a disturbance and breaching probation May 3, receiving a $150 fine on each count. The incident happened in Bridgewater on April 12, 2010.

But the real question is, was it the River Pub or TopSL's?

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